Iテモテ 『弟子訓練と教会』 2019/2/17 David Hawley

Passage I Timothy 3:2-3, 1 Thess 5:6-8
Other passages

Mentoring in the tasks of the church: service in the church, evangelism, service outside the

People learn best from being taught by someone who knows. It takes away our fears and
○ Jesus
did this with his disciples.

Learning to work together as a body, with different funcons and characteriscs.

We are called to aゥain the measure of the fullness of Christ, not as individuals but as a

That’s what came to mind. I probably missed some.
Slide 4: Small Group (20 min)

Did you learn something today?

Consider the tools for discipleship: Relaonship with God, One-Another, Modeling, Mentoring,
Working together:

Which of those areas are you strongest in? Which areas are you weakest in?

Is there some area you would like to use more effecvely?

Has God expressed something to you today or recently? Considering the above, how could the
church family support you?
Slide 5: Closure
● Instead of Chrisan, we should really say ‘disciple’
● Blessing is found not in simply hearing, but in carrying out Jesus’ teaching.
● God
has provided many good things in the church to foster the discipleship process
● So
let’s use them and grow to be more faithful disciples and experience more spiritual
Let’s pray.

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